TMO Services Checklist

Repairs and Responsibilities for Dwellings Let on Periodic Tenancies or Fixed Term Secure Tenancies

Plumbing systems which were originally installed by both the council and the TMO

  • Cold water systems beyond the main stop cock in each dwelling including pipes, valves stopcocks, cisterns, overflows. cold water storage tanks and insulation of these systems.
  • Immersion heaters
  • The Council’s plumbed fittings including baths, sinks, basins, WC suites and waste pipes.

Electrical Systems

  • Electrical services from electrical company meter including internal wiring, conduits, socket outlets, switches light fittings and ventilation systems.
TMO Service Checklist

Internal Fixtures and Fittings

  • Window sills and window ironmongery
  • Doors and door ironmongery
  • Cupboards and kitchen units
  • Architraves and skirtings
  • Staircases and balustrades
  • Internal non-load-bearing partitions and internal surfaces of internal load-bearing and external walls including plastered finishes
  • Floor finishes supplied by the Council
  • Re-glazing of broken windows where breakages are not due to damage or neglect by the tenant
  • Redecoration of the interior of vacant dwellings where such redecoration is necessary to restore dwellings to a suitable condition for re-letting
  • External windows, window frames, doors, door frames, ironmongery, window fittings, soffits and bargeboards
  • Rainwater system including downpipes, gutters and fixings
  • Common parts including:-
  • Staircases and landings
  • Doors, windows, ironmongery and glazing
  • Refuse chutes and chambers
  • Electrical services for supply to the common parts including wiring, conduits, socket outlets, switches and light fittings
  • Floor finishes
  • Internal non loadbearing partitions and internal surfaces of external walls including their plastered finishes
  • Garages and community facilities
  • Security and fire fighting or protection systems
TMO Service Checklist

Repair responsibilities for dwellings let on periodic secure tenancies or fixed terms secure tenancies and flats or houses sold on long leases and freehold houses (except where responsibility for repair and maintenance is that of a leaseholder or a freeholder under his or her lease or deed of freehold transfer)

  • Public fences, enclosure wall and gates