website_logo_wyke_estateTHE STAFF

The staff team are employed and paid for by the Co-Operative. They are accountable to the Committee of Management and its officers and work in line with the policies and procedures set out in the Management Agreement with the Council.

The Co-Operative currently employs four staff:

  1. TMO Manager who has overall responsibility for running the service, advising the Committee and managing the staff.
  2. Finance & Administration Officer who helps to ensure that the office runs smoothly and that proper financial procedures are followed.
  3. Income & Tenancy Officer who is responsible for rent collection, arrears and other tenancy matters.
  4. Housing Assistant who is the main contact for tenants on reception, dealing with enquiries and any tenancy matters.


Be Nice

Please be polite and nice when dealing with our staff. Any rude or aggressive behaviour means the police get involved