website_logo_wyke_estateWHO WE ARE

Wyke estate is run by a Tenant Management Co-Operative, or TMC for short. This means that although the Council is still the landlord, residents from the estate who have been elected to a Committee of Management, run and manage the estate via our own paid team of staff.

The TMC has been managing the estate since April 1996 and has entered into a Management Agreement with the London Borough of Hackney. This agreement is a legally binding document setting out the rights and responsibilities of both parties. It is based upon regulations passed by the Government called “Right to manage” which allows tenant organisations (including leaseholders) to take on the management of their homes on Council estates.

The Co-Operative is a legally recognized body registered with the Industrial & Provident Society. It has a constitution or set of rules which states its aims and how it is to be run to make sure that it is open, democratic and accountable. A copy of this constitution is included as part of the Tenants Handbook.

The Co-Operative was set up to improve services on the estate and provide a structure where tenants and leaseholders can take the decisions affecting their homes. Residents voted by a large majority in 1995 for the Co-Operative to take on the running of the estate.