website_logo_wyke_estateWAYS OF GETTING INVOLVED

The success of a co-operative run estate depends on people getting involved. Tenants and leaseholders can do this in a number of ways:-

  • Attending meetings organised by the Co-Operative, expressing your opinions and standing or nominating candidates for election.
  • Joining the Estate Committee. This is made up of Tenants & Residents on the estate and local business people. Staff from the Council and the Co-Operative can also attend. The Committee has a budget for environmental works for example to improve play areas. It is also a forum for advising and giving views on broader policy matters and can make recommendations to the Council’s Housing Services Committee.
  • Taking part in surveys or questionnaires. If we are planning to make changes or improvements in the estate, we will consult with residents first about our proposals. From time to time, we will also ask for your views on how things are done at present.
  • Being a good neighbour by looking after your home, helping to keep the place clean and being considerate to other people.


Be Active

Don’t be a spectator, be an active co-operative member