Repairs – The Tenants’ Responsibilities

Repairs Within Your Home

Tenants are responsible for carrying out a number of minor repairs within the home which include the following:

  • Keeping in repair any additional locks which you have fitted
  • Lock changes due to theft or loss of keys
  • Door bells and door knockers
  • Boundary walls, fences, gates and patios where the tenant has sole use of these areas
  • Small faults and cracks in plaster
  • Internal doors, handles and stops
  • Adapting doors to accommodate carpets
Tenants’ Responsibilities
  • Kitchen and bathroom units
  • Shelving
  • Internal glazing
  • Wall tiling to surrounds e.g. bath, kitchen and fires
  • Floor finishes – tiles and carpets
  • Renewing and re-securing WC seats
  • Plumbing in your own washing machine and cooker
  •  Electrical plus, fuses and light bulbs
  • Curtain rails



Tenants’ Responsibilities

In some cases, you may be able to pay us to carry out the repairs which are listed above, but payment must be made before the works starts.

If you are elderly or disable and cannot do the above repairs, we may undertake responsibility for doing them.