The TMO currently have a number of spaces available on the Management Committee and are looking to recruit as many new members as possible.

This is a time to expand your horizons, learn new skills and have a say in the running of the estate where you live. As a member of the committee, you can get to know others with the same goals as yourself and make a real difference in the way the estate is run.

We are currently arranging an opportunity for those interested to come to the office to meet with the staff and/or committee members and find out about the TMO, its goals and objectives, and its plans for the future.

You may have many questions about the TMO and its committee, what they do and how they’re organised. We would be delighted to answer these and any other questions.

This is also an opportunity to socialise, celebrate achievements and have fun at the same time.

Applications to join the committee should be received at the office no later than Monday.



Be Active

Don’t be a spectator, be an active co-operative member